3 Tips for Discussing Memory Care Options with Your Elderly Parents

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If your elderly parent’s condition no longer allows for taking care of them safely in your home or in their own home, the best solution is the identification of specialized memory care nursing homes in Denver Colorado and the transition to the facility of choice. The discussion about the move that you must have with your parent is never easy, so here are a few tips that could make it less painful for everyone involved:

  • Pick the right time – the mental problems that require specialized memory care often manifest intermittently, with your loved one having moments when they are like they used to be. Pick one of those moments for bringing up the topic of moving to a memory care facility, a moment when your loved one feels good physically and mentally as well.
  • Try to involve your loved one in the decision – start the process performing a thorough research of your own, checking out the options available in your area and narrowing the list of potential facilities to one or two. While you are talking to your loved one about the move, describe the benefits of moving to a memory care residence. If the condition of your loved one allows it, visit the facilities together.
  • Tell your loved one that moving to a memory care facility does not mean that they will be abandoned there – this might seem obvious to you, but your loved one might need reassurance.