3 Ways Assisted Living Facilities in Denver Care for Your Safety

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The purpose of assisted living can be reduced down to one word: safety. As people get older, they become less skillful and able to take care of themselves, so the safest place for them may be precisely such a community that provides medical care and ensures physical safety for its residents.

Here are 3 ways favored assisted living facilities in Denver offer safety and care of your loved one:

  1. There are tools mandated by the state of Colorado and federal guidelines that assisted living communities in Denver use to protect their residents from falls (falls are listed as a leading cause of injuries among seniors). Fall prevention can be done in different ways:
  • by adjusting medication, in order to minimize dizziness, drowsiness and other side effects of treatments and diseases;
  • by providing a safe living environment (in assisted living facilities, hazards related to beds, flooring, walkers, furniture and clutter are removed, and personal items are placed safely, within reach);
  • by providing physical and occupational therapy.
  1. Residents are also assessed for risk of wandering, and their care is planned for accordingly.
  2. Assisted living facilities have strict hygiene regulations, for effective infection control.