4 Important Questions to Ask the Staff of an Assisted Living Center

If you plan to send your senior parent to an assisted living center, you might be feeling apprehensive despite all the good things you’ve heard about these types of places. After all, the grass isn’t always as green as we expect it to be in the other person’s yard, and with senior centers you have to be very careful about how the seniors are treated and whether or not your senior parent can receive the kind of specialized and tailored support that they require.

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So let’s take a close look at 4 of the most important questions that you’ll have to ask from the staff or management of established assisted living facilities in Denver:

  1. What degree of medical support will your senior parent receive? This is probably the most vital question, since it ensures the safety and good health of your elderly parent.
  2. What is the schedule regarding outdoor activity and exercise? A lot of nursing homes tend to keep seniors inside, especially during COVID. This isn’t healthy, however, and outdoor activities and exercise should be top priority for any senior center.
  3. Are there any special amenities or services being provided? Gyms, libraries, free WiFi, swimming pool access and fine dining are some of the main amenities and privileges you’ll get at the best assisted living centers.
  4. How can you ensure that your senior parent will receive proper, friendly and tailored support? Make sure you talk to the staff and see what their demeanor is when it comes to taking care of elders and what the policy of management is for offering customized assistance.