Are 55 Plus Communities Able to Offer the Same Advantages as Assisted Living?

assisted living Denver

When it comes to the types of facilities for senior living in Denver, the available options vary considerably in terms of the level of independence enjoyed by the residents. Assisted living facilities and 55 plus communities are two of the most common and most popular types of facilities, two options that share some features, but that are also very different in many ways. Here are some important things that you should know about related to the two types of facilities:

  • Level of specialized care – 55 plus communities are communities that offer residential options for people over the age of 55 who do not need any special medical attention and care. The residents of these communities usually decide to move to the communities because they would like to spend their time among people of their own age group and who share the same interests, without requiring help with everyday living arrangements. Well known assisted living Denver communities, on the other hand, provide access to help and care whenever necessary, while still offering residents a considerable amount of freedom and independence.
  • Amenities – 55 plus communities being more often the choice of people who are healthy, but looking for a friendly environment to spend their retired years in, these places provide more amenities, such as access to entertainment and leisure options. Assisted living communities are more for people who are looking for an element of safety and security, knowing that medical assistance is close if needed, therefore these facilities do not focus so much on the availability of leisure options.