Are Assisted Living Facilities Better Than Regular Nursing Homes in Denver?

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Long-term senior living Denver care options are extremely diversified these days, which configurations available to suit a variety of needs. Assisted living facilities and regular nursing homes are two of the most common types of assisted living options – though the terms are often used interchangeably, the two types of facilities are very different in terms of the level of care offered and in many other respects as well. Here are some of the differences that you should know about:

  • The availability of medical services – the assisted living facilities Denver gives home to offer their residents access to medical care and help with everyday chores if needed, but that kind of specialized attention is not part of the regular care arrangement. In nursing homes, on the other hand, medical care is provided by specialized staff round the clock.
  • The living space – the residential areas available in assisted living facilities are more similar to individual homes, such as apartments with kitchens and bathrooms. The residential space available in nursing homes usually consists of individual rooms in a larger facility.
  • Help with daily tasks – the people in assisted living facilities usually do not need help with daily tasks, but they have access to such assistance if they need it. The people living in nursing homes usually suffer from health conditions that prevent them from performing daily household chores and receive regular help by permanent on-site staff as part of the services provided by the senior living Denver facility.