Differences between Senior Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities in Denver

There are different types of supportive senior living Denver environments, which is good, on one hand, because it makes it easier for you to find what best suits your needs, or the needs of your loved one; on the other hand, however the entire process of choosing among so many senior facilities, benefits, fee structures etc. may become overwhelming.

senior living Denver

One of the most frequent confusions people make is to mistake assisted living for skilled nursing facilities. While both supportive environments exist to help seniors in need, the level of care is the differentiating factor. For a person who is independent or semi-independent, requiring only little help with some simple tasks, assisted living is probably the best solution.  On the other hand, someone who needs daily therapy or 24/7 assistance and monitoring, would be better cared in a skilled nursing facility.

Also, skilled nursing facilities are medical settings, with round-the-clock medical care, while assisted living represents a residential setting, where medical staff can be accessible and on-call, but not permanently there.

The costs involved are also different in the two types of supporting living environments. Skilled nursing are typically more expensive because of the medical care provided permanently.