Do Retirement Communities in Denver Offer COVID Booster Shots?

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that as the body`s immune protection declines, there is a risk that people in vulnerable groups – patients with chronic diseases, diabetes, obesity or simply the elderly, even if they do not have disabilities or chronic health conditions – to get moderate-severe forms of the disease, even if they have been vaccinated with the first two doses.

People living in retirement communities belong to these categories.

Unfortunately, in the last year and a half, COVID-19 has claimed thousands of lives, especially among the seniors, those with underlying medical conditions and those in need of assisted care, living in retirement communities. In the latter case, the risks are higher due to a combination of factors – the increased risk of severe forms following COVID-19 infection and the risk of outbreaks in closed environments.

In Denver, some retirement communities started to offer COVID booster shots since October, the goal being to get as many people immunized as possible this fall. Contact Rosemark,, to see if booster shots are being offered at this time.

The vaccine offers the most effective protection against the virus, both for the staff in retirement communities and for people who actually live here, as well as for their visitors.