Doctor’s Orders: What Nursing Services You Need to Look for in Denver Retirement Communities

As they get older, people may face a variety of problems that they often have to learn to manage “on the go.” But they cannot always do it alone. Therefore, the retirement communities and the support of specialists in solutions dedicated to the elderly are welcome.

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From a social point of view, the integration of seniors in an environment adapted to their needs can make the difference between a life in which they live and one in which they only survive. That`s why, before moving your loved one into continuing care retirement communities in Denver, make sure they offer quality nursing services:

  • Caring for the seniors or for those who are unable to take care of themselves
  • Ongoing supervision and care provided by nurses
  • Weekly medical consultation
  • Regular individual physical therapy sessions (massage, exercise, motor recovery)
  • Administration of medical treatment for each patient
  • A daily menu consisting of 3 nutritious meals
  • Customized meals, according to medical instructions
  • Assisting with eating and other individual daily activities
  • Socio-cultural activities and occupational therapy
  • Daily maintenance and housekeeping services
  • Phone and internet access
  • Outdoor walks, excursions, festive holiday meals etc.

You should also check the additional services offered (for a fee). Depending on each retirement community, these may include:

  • Specialized medical consultations, on request (dermatologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, etc.)
  • Daily physiotherapy sessions
  • Periodic medical tests
  • Hairdressing, manicure and pedicure services
  • Other services, on request.