Does Participation in Planned Activities Increase the Happiness of Individuals in Retirement Communities?

People are very different from each other, and it stands to reason that one person’s happiness won’t be the same as the other’s. We are so unique that some of us prefer to be the center of attention in a community event, while others will want to shy away and spend most of their time quietly reading a book in the corner.

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The same applies to elders in retirement communities. Even though we all crave for social closeness, some elders will find it much harder than others to get close to their peers and interact with them in any consistent way. Activity planners at retirement communities in Denver need to take this fact into account, and offer a variety of activities for those that crave larger group activities, and those preferring smaller gatherings.

Your elder should have the freedom to interact if and when they want with others, rather than being forced into any activities they don’t really enjoy.

At the same time, if your elderly mom or dad has always been drawn to social event, they will probably love to interact during these events and activities, so it’s important to make sure the senior center they go to will be able to supply them with ample opportunities for fun and interesting planned activities. That will almost certainly lead them to become happier, and it might even help them make new friends as well.