Exercises that Help Improve Brain Health

 healthy livingPeople who exercise their brains maintain their mental health and IQ as they age. There are many ways to improve brain health and in this article we are going to present only a few of them. Retirement communities in Denver recommend tips to improve healthy living and brain health.


Spending time in front of your TV will only exhaust your brain. Most shows offer rather cheap entertainment and you should consider spending your time with more valuable things, such as books. Books stimulate the imagination.

Stimulating the creativity

Brain capacity is stimulated not only by intense learning, but also by creative processes that activate especially the right side. Through painting, music or another creative hobby, you can combine the useful with pleasure.

Staying open to new things

To stimulate nerve cells, you have countless possibilities at your fingertips: you can follow a computer course, try to learn a foreign language, and the list can continue.

Avoiding stress

Stress is harmful. If it cannot be avoided, you should try to fight it actively. For some people, listening to music is the answer. Others feel relaxed after a walk, or prefer relaxation methods such as yoga or autogenic training.