Financing Options for Assisted Living in Denver

assisted living Denver

Senior living is a perspective we cannot ignore, and the best thing is to be prepared for it. One of the main challenges is finding financing options to be able to pay for the best care for you your loved one.

Retirement communities in Denver are not cheap, but there are several funding sources you may want to consider.

Social Security

A person`s social security can be used to pay for assisted living Denver facilities, which could make a significant impact on your financial plan.

Reverse Mortgages

With a reverse mortgage, you can unlock home equity. This way, the senior in your family who needs assisted living can stay in their home and generate funds for the care they need.

Insurance Policies

Long-term care insurance, life insurance, as well as hybrid policies can cover expenses for assisted living in Denver, for seniors who decide to sell the policy they no longer need to a life settlement provider, or to repurpose it. by converting an in-force policy to a pre-funded account.

Veterans Aid

Those who served in the military during their active years could qualify for a monthly benefit that will cover assisted living for them and their spouses.