“I’m grateful that Rosemark® designed a program around my mother. She came first.”

– Jan, daughter

At age 91, Thelma was doing just fine living independently in her own home. A sudden life-threatening condition led to multiple surgeries and a 24×7 in home caregiver. This option proved too costly for Thelma and her family.

The retired registered nurse took up residence in a large Denver assisted living community, but it was never a good fit. “My mother’s health continued to decline,” explained Thelma’s daughter, Jan, who is a physician’s assistant. “Some of the backslide was due to the quality of nursing care.”

Jan and Thelma made the decision to move to Rosemark®  based on our boutique character and nurturing staff.

As a result, Thelma continues to surprise even her doctors with her resilience. “Some of that has to do with the food – it’s fresh and delicious!” said Jan.

Other senior living communities sought memory care for Thelma, even though she shows no sign of dementia. Today, Thelma is a vibrant member of Rosemark’s® assisted living community – and a formidable bridge player!


Rosemark's people really care about mom. They push her to improve her health by staying active and being social. She's encouraged to walk, build her strength and do new things.

- Jan, daughter

Ed and Marthanne Simons

“We’re here because he needs to be, and I want to be.”

Married for nearly 60 years, the Simons raised three daughters in their spacious Park Hill home. Their yard and gracious gathering areas were the perfect backdrop for the couple’s many social events. But as the children grew and Ed retired, the home became more burden than friend to Marthanne. Cooking, cleaning, home maintenance and weeding were chores for which Marthanne no longer had time.

In declining health, Ed’s care became Marthanne’s central focus. “I arranged for in-home care, since he needed round-the-clock management and treatment, as well as diet and exercise plans.” Spearheading this coordination was understandably stressful and didn’t leave time for the couple to spend enjoying each other’s company. Ed’s condition deteriorated, and he seldom ventured out of the house.

Then, Ed made a respite visit to Rosemark® . His health and mental state improved almost immediately.

Nurturing caregivers and customized health plans help residents thrive. Healthy meals and regular exercise stimulate the appetite. In Ed’s case, this led to gaining much-needed pounds. “The variety of fresh fruits and vegetables served here is wonderful,” said Marthanne.

While Marthanne put the family home on the market, Rosemark® combined several apartments into a spacious suite. Marthanne designed a sunroom and container garden, where she has a view of the Rosemark® rose garden and lawn.

Now full-time Rosemark® residents, the Simons couldn’t be happier. “It feels good,” Marthanne said. “I’m finally sleeping well again, and don’t have that knot of worry in my stomach.”

“After being married almost 60 years, we’re getting used to each other again.”

Ed’s health continues to improve. “Now that I don’t have to manage a house, a yard and Ed’s care, I have lots more time to enjoy the things we do together,” explained Marthanne. “I can be his companion again.” The couple shares meals together, watches movies in Markie’s Marquee and entertains family and friends.

“We’ve even made friends at Rosemark® ,” said Marthanne. “One of our weekly excursions was to a Rockies game. We had company, and I didn’t even have to drive!”

“Rosemark® feels like a boutique hotel in a small city,” stated Marthanne. “It has all the living areas of a luxurious home – comfortable dens, private dining rooms, outdoor patios – so our friends and family visit often.” Rosemark’s® convenient central Denver location means that the Simons’ daughters and their families can stop by and remain a part of their parents’ lives.


When Diane’s parents chose their first assisted living community, it was a good fit. However, things quickly changed. Her mom’s failing health and her dad’s failing memory meant that Diane was making frequent trips across the Front Range to check up on her parents. “Without a license to provide medical care, this community couldn’t deliver the monitoring and intervention my parents needed,” Diane said.

After Diane’s mother passed away, Diane looked beyond a large institutional environment to one that would nurture her father’s health and happiness.

Diane moved Jim to Rosemark® at Mayfair Park in part because of the responsiveness of our small, intimate community. “The physical surroundings are beautiful, but the integrity and caring of the staff counts more. From the owners to the caregivers to the concierge, they all truly care about Dad.”

“After six weeks at Rosemark® , Dad’s geriatrician couldn’t believe he was the same person. He’s happier, calmer, rested, eats better and is well groomed.”


Rosemark gives older people the respect and grace to celebrate their individuality.

- Diane, daughter

The advantages of a small, intimate community under local ownership.
The hands-on ownership of Anne Rosen and Mark Cytrynbaum encourages warm relationships and integrity. “Rosemark® caregivers are respectful, kind and qualified,” stated Diane. Under their gentle stewardship, Jim cheerfully cooperates with daily tasks, like bathing and dressing.

“I’m just so glad my father is at Rosemark®.”

Mary & Doug

As Mary’s husband and former caregiver, Rosemark® asked me, “How are we doing?” The short answer is GOOD!

“I can relax and know that Mary is being discreetly monitored, which is a great relief. Rosemark® has a great staff, beautiful building, nice landscaping, daily programs and good food, leaving little more to be desired.”


I had to go back a little further and satisfy myself that I made the best decision I could by choosing Rosemark®. After looking at a lot of other caregiving options, I found Rosemark® way ahead of its competition. In my opinion, Rosemark® can help Mary better than any of the other communities. Rosemark® appears to be best positioned to take advantage of any new procedures, medications and therapies that may come along.

What is important to Mary and me? First of all, location. I want to see and be with Mary as often as possible. She is less than ten minutes from our house, not an hour drive across Denver.

Secondly, Rosemark® is a new, modern and well-built structure with virtually all of the latest technologies, giving Mary maximum freedom and unobtrusive monitoring. In other words, Rosemark® really does take care of residents 24/7. This is not a cute little saying – it is a major mind relief for the caregiver.

Next, Rosemark® has assembled people who are very capable in their chosen vocations. They all are polite and knowledgeable about each resident. Mary constantly tells me how nice all the nurses and helpers are to her. Sometimes she can be a handful, but it doesn’t seem to faze any of the staff.

Lastly, it is unusual for Rosemark® to have only two owners. Usually retirement communities are owned by out-of-town corporations that are governed by an out-of-town board of directors. We are lucky to have a company run by in-house decision makers.

Murray & Eleanor

“We love our new home at Rosemark®!”

– Eleanor, Rosemark® resident

There are so many nice things to say about this lovely retirement community, I hardly know where to begin! Rosemark® is brand new and absolutely spacious with its 12-foot ceilings. The warm, friendly and most comfortable lobby/living room is just off our apartment, which makes it easily accessible and perfect for saying “good morning” to our new friends. Our dining room is also right there – easy to get to through its wide open spaces. But Rosemark® is far more than just bricks and mortar!


“Rosemark’s® outstanding caregivers are why we have loved our new home from the very first day we arrived.”

There are not enough words to describe what I call the best angels on this earth. The caregivers at Rosemark®, each and every one of them, care for my husband with such patience, tenderness and devotion, you would think that he is related to them.

I have never met people so dedicated to making sure that his every need is taken care of, day and night. And always with a smile and with good humor, no matter that it may be 3 o’clock in the morning! They even dutifully laugh at his jokes. These caregivers are the epitome of what a true caregiver should always be. They go beyond the “assisted” in the phrase “assisted living.” They are the spirit and energy of Rosemark®!

“One of the nicest perks of living at Rosemark® is that our family is not too far away from this lovely neighborhood. They can visit often, without having to travel in downtown traffic or speed along highways.”


“Rosemark’s® staff has become like family to me, in large part because they consistently treated my mom like family.”

– Leslie, daughter

I moved my Mom, Sue, to Rosemark® in June of 2016. The entire experience, beginning to end, was outstanding.

Example: When she fell in the middle of the night, and I was out of town on business, the executive staff went with her to the hospital, and stayed with her until her release the next afternoon, because they didn’t want her to be alone. Above and beyond. Consistently.

The food at Rosemark® is off-the-hook good. You won’t find mushy veggies and overcooked protein in Todd’s kitchen! This matters so much. The older my parents got, the more their days were patterned around food – what they’d eat next, when they’d eat next. I’d say food is in the top 3 things that matter most when shopping for an eldercare facility. (The other 2: The activities, and the people.) And really: How many assisted living/memory care places have you heard of that have their own pastry chef?

Bonus: The kitchen staff is very musical, and throws impromptu musical programs… when Mom turned 79, for instance, I brought over a big cake and a party sort of broke out, complete with guitar and piano flamenco music. Mom was quite the songbird, and Jason and his guitar lifted her spirits with song many times. The activities at Rosemark® were MUCH more of a match for Mom than where she had been previously – she loved and appreciated going for walks around nearby Mayfair Park, and the gardening, musical activities, and outings.


I seriously can't say enough good things about Rosemark at Mayfair Park. Two thumbs way up.

- Leslie, daughter

“The sound of happy laughter in the hallways and common areas is frequent and real.”

The Rosemark® staff gives off an authentic vibe of contentment – like they’re all friends, who like working together, and like their work.

When your parents get old and need care, the worry level is pretty much constant. But I can definitely say that I worried far, far less after Mom moved to Rosemark®. The technologies they use are far superior to other places I visited – Mom was a wanderer, but wore a bracelet that kept certain doors from opening. The in-apartment sensor system monitored her activities without being creepy or invasive, because it simply monitored her movements.

When it came time for my Mom to receive hospice care, she was able to stay in her beautiful apartment, and was tended to around the clock with love, empathy and kindness like I’ve never experienced.

When Mom died, the staff was as broken up as I was, which somehow made it less painful and more meaningful. I used to tell people that the people who work at Rosemark® are the kind of people I’d be friends with, had we met in other circumstances. Along the way, they did become friends, and, more recently, family. Now they’re stuck with me.  😉

The Walkers

“We are grateful for the many ways the Rosemark® staff has shown their sincere caring toward our family.”

– Debbie, daughter

We selected Rosemark® in part because of its proximity to our house, but also because when the staff explained the kind of care my parents would receive we felt like we had found their new home. We moved them in, but were still skeptical and prepared to monitor everything very diligently.

The Walkers

“We experienced a sense of family and felt that Rosemark® truly is a very special place.”

Between July and February we came to know the staff very well. Without exception they are kind, competent, sensitive, caring people. From the front desk to the kitchen, from physical therapy to the CNAs, it became clear to us that these people really cared about my parents and did everything they could to provide them with the best care possible. They were not just caregivers or nurses, they were our friends.

In January, both of my parents began receiving hospice care at Rosemark® and have since passed away. My parents spent their last six months in a beautiful, caring environment. They loved the food, which is very good, and became very fond of the staff. They enjoyed many excursions, scenic drives, bingo and movies. Their quality of life was so much better than it had been when they were living alone at home. Our sense of loss is not only from their passing, but also from the fact that we won’t be seeing our Rosemark® “family” as often. We became very close to them and will miss them and being at Rosemark®.

Walt & Mary Lou


“Outstanding in every way.”

– Dobbs family

This is my parents’ fourth assisted living residence in two years (due to a relocation to be closer to family and questionable guidance from a larger provider along the way) and by far the best fit for them and our family. They are treated with tremendous respect and care and enjoy a full slate of enriching activities and outings in the beautiful surroundings of this well designed complex set in a quiet residential neighborhood. We like the size – Rosemark® is probably classified as mid-sized community within the Denver market, the exceptional quality, and location.


“As soon as you walk through the door you can feel the warmth of the environment.”

– Tonnie

Rosemark® is THE BEST! The staff are awesome and really know each and every resident well. The needs of the residents are the number one concern. The decor is beautiful and the food is delicious. I highly recommend Rosemark®!



“I know that there is not a better place in Denver for my dad.”

– Steve

My dad was the first resident at Rosemark®. I can’t say enough about what an excellent facility this has been. Everyone is so kind and loving and have given him the best care possible. I know that there is not a better place in Denver for him and every day I am so thankful he is there.

B. David

“A testament to what assisted living, and healthcare as a whole should be.”

– B. David

A company that’s in the business of helping people and maintaining a sense of family at a time when family is of the utmost importance. An establishment that believes food is the foundation of life and employs a team of top line chefs to create a “from scratch, locally sourced” menu. The food is incredible, the chefs are personal and the team as a whole…are a family.

B David