Tips for Ensuring Your Senior Parent Stays Active in an Assisted Living Facility

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Staying active is very important at any age, especially for the elderly and especially in situations that involve major changes, such as the transition to an assisted living facility. Such a transition is often burdened with concerns and fears on the side of the person who has recently moved into the new dwellings and very often passivity and the unwillingness to socialize are symptoms of the related anxiety. Here are some tips for you, as the relative of an elderly person recently transitioning to assisted living, to improve your loved one’s quality of life by encouraging activities:

  • Being there – staying in touch, visiting as often as you can, especially in the first period, and helping your loved one figure out the activities that would bring joy are all very important. The fully appointed assisted living facilities Denver families often choose, provide a variety of options to maintain physical and social activity. With these activities, your loved one might only need a little guidance to find their place in the new community.
  • Bring the entire family to visit – seeing grandchildren usually energizes elderly people, so try to make your visits to the assisted living facility a family program that everyone is looking forward to.
  • Organize programs for your loved one – if your loved one’s health allows for it, arrange for movie evenings outside the assisted living facility or just go out to town and have dinner together.