Why Is Assisted Living More Prevalent Than Regular Nursing Homes?


Although there are many nursing homes in Denver that offer stellar services, more and more people are opting for assisted living facilities for their loved ones. There is no simple answer as to why they are doing this, but the phenomenon has a few explanations. One of them is that assisted living facilities are more permissive with their residents. They do not treat or even see the elderly living there as patients but more as people living together in order to keep each other company.

Another reason why assisted living in Denver is more popular than nursing homes is because the rules of such facilities are more relaxed than those of nursing homes. People can get visitors, leave the premises and even have pets in such a facility. Because nursing homes usually cater to those who need more medical assistance, such things are definitely forbidden.

Also, assisted living offers Denver residents the possibility of making their living arrangements more comfortable. Nursing homes do let residents bring a few things from their homes, but generally don’t let them change their rooms too much. Assisted living facilities let residents do whatever they need, within reason of course, in order to make themselves feel more comfortable and at home.

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