Why Should You Move to an Assisted Living Facility with Your Pet or Certified Service Animal?

Assisted living centers might provide a lot of different services for seniors who wish to move there. However, if you have your own service animal, then that’s one service you won’t need them to give you. Instead, you can simply move into your new place with your certified service animal instead of having to be separated from them.

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A lot of elders are very attached to their pets or service animals. The great thing about premier retirement communities in Denver is that you don’t have to give them up. Pets are often welcome as long as you can take care of them, and many assisted living facilities even have large gardens, places for pets to play and even facilities to help you feed and take care of them.

Having a certified service animal will also help you with your transition living in a strange new place, where even though the people might be very friendly, it’s simply not the same as when you were living with your family.

All in all, moving in with your pets will provide you with a great way to transition to a new living space and a new routine, and it might even help you make new friends more easily.